Why Do I Need International Insurance?

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. Broken ankle. Boutique shopping in Paris. Appendicitis. Mission work in Ghana. Malaria. Teaching English to Chinese students. Food poisoning. Developing new business in Saudi Arabia. Auto accident.

Travelling or living abroad can be an exciting experience. But anything can happen. So you can get the most of your global experience, when the Unexpected occurs, IMG is there for you. For more than 20 years, we have been providing the Solution for international insurance needs. It's our specialty.

A UK family living in Italy for a 3 year period.  While travelling the Italian country side, one of the family members becomes ill with abdominal pains. After several doctor visits, it's determined the family member has appendicitis and requires emergency surgery. GlobalFusion offers coverages that protect expatriates that are away from home and ease the stress of unfamilar medical systems.
An expatriate living in Asia with his wife and three children. After living abroad for several years, his one-year-old, otherwise healthy, daughter suddenly becomes violently ill. It is determined she has a brain tumor and needs surgery, but the surrounding medical facilities aren't properly equipped to perform the surgery. Emergency Medical Evacuation benefits under the GlobalFusion International Medical Insurance plan provide access to care when an insured needs it most. During the emergency, IMG will coordinate the evacuation and continue to monitor the treatment once at the receiving hospital.