Social Responsibility

Committed to Helping

Social responsibility is a fundamental element of our corporate philosophy. We are not only committed to being leaders in the international market we’ve served for 20 years, but to our community as well. To build a solid foundation for a successful company, it’s essential to give back to the community – hopeful of establishing a thriving environment for others.

At IMG, providing support to charitable organizations that help benefit children, health care and education is an area of great importance and focus. In order for these organizations to fulfill their missions, they need the finances to operate. To help meet this need, IMG works closely with The Brougher Foundation. This foundation raises and distributes funds to organizations that assist Indiana residents and international organizations that provide services to the international community. Through the generosity of many, the Foundation has made major donations to over 45 organizations.

Green Initiative

In addition to the work of the Foundation, IMG has dedicated a significant amount of time and resources into ensuring our actions and services have minimal impact on the environment. In 2009, after the successful implementation of an Environmental Management System, IMG achieved ISO 14001:2004 certification. IMG is one of the first known in our industry to receive this type of certification.

As part of the standard, IMG must undergo a series of annual internal audits, in addition to an annual third party surveillance audit, to ensure ongoing conformance and to confirm our employees are educated and trained. An independent auditor recently verified that we successfully passed our annual review.

Achieving and maintaining this certification is a step in the right direction toward preserving the environment and providing a cleaner, safer and healthier work atmosphere for the staff of IMG. Additionally, we have a responsibility to our clients to provide them with an assortment of products backed by the highest international standard of service, and a commitment to be aware of our environment. This certification is an excellent model to guide us in achieving those goals.