“I am a United Methodist pastor, Fort Worth police sergeant, and a Karate teacher - I am a man of great faith and capability to handle crisis - even so, I felt so helpless yesterday. My daughter, Michelle, is a Christian missionary and has been traveling with YWAM (Youth with a Mission), the second largest missionary organization in the world. Her work took her to Varanasi, India. Michelle had already been hospitalized for three days with acute appendicitis in Kolkata, but then given antibiotics, and then released. Four doctors there told her that if she has another attack, she needs to go immediately to an emergency room somewhere to get an emergency appendectomy. This didn't make sense to me, but by the time I found out a few days later without any communication, she had been released (due to the 10 1/2 hour time difference there) and back from a long train ride to Varnasi. Michelle was having another appendicitis attack and wanted to come home to her daddy. She was trying to get a flight to Texas.

I was beside myself, and frankly did not know what to do. I saw that Michelle had purchased the Patriot insurance from IMG. I called IMG and was put in immediate contact with Denise, a RN. She told me, and then told Michelle, that to travel overseas for this extended trip could prove fatal. She worked all day and night to get her into the proper hospital for good medical care. We exchanged phone calls all night and Denise gave Michelle her "mommy talk" to tell her that she must not try to travel. Kids often listen better to others than their own parents. Denise even talked to others with YWAM to make sure that Michelle was not left alone, and let them know the severity of the situation. Michelle ended up in Heritage Hospital in Varanasi, India. Denise researched the hospital website and even interviewed the doctor. Once she felt that Michelle was in good hands, she got the guarantee of payment letter faxed to the hospital. Michelle had the surgery this morning at 5:30 a.m. A few hours later, Michelle was in recovery with a successful surgery behind her. Her appendix was swollen and very infected.

Soon, Michelle will be able to continue her ministry to orphans and widows. The lifetime effect of Denise’s help will undoubtedly reach countless lives. My wife and I are indebted to her. I am eternally grateful!

I want to thank your company, and all of those employed at IMG, for cultivating this type of work environment. As a matter of note, Denise never mentioned money or cost - she only wanted to get my daughter help. That is a powerful paradigm for a business model and for an employee! I recommend that everyone traveling abroad gets insurance from IMG. I certainly will!"

- Rich
Ft. Worth, Texas

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