Flight Training to Provide Continuing Education for Medical Professionals

September 13, 2017

International Medical Group Hosts Study Day at UK Office

INDIANAPOLIS (September 13, 2017) — International Medical Group® (IMG®), an award-winning international medical and travel insurance company, is providing specialty training for its UK-based in-house flight team to support continuing professional development (CPD) and revalidation.  

Led by IMG’s in-house doctors and nurses, the study day — taking place Sept. 16 and 17 — will include discussions, debates and lectures surrounding travel and aviation medicine. During the event, IMG’s medical flight team also will discuss the company’s flight equipment, policies and procedures. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of attendance to support CPD and revalidation. 

“Our flight team has already proven their extensive knowledge and experience in the medical field,” said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Geoff Tothill, “but this study day further supports their ability to care for our members.”

Guest speakers at the event will include British Airways Consultant Occupational Physician Dr. Mark Popplestone, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Clinical Nurse Specialist Mark Clements, and Drum Cussac Chief Operating Officer Chris Job, MBE. 

Since December 2012, all doctors and nurses practicing medicine in the United Kingdom have been required to maintain a license to practice, which is evaluated every five years through the process of revalidation. 

As part of revalidation, medical professionals must engage in an annual appraisal based on guidance from the General Medical Council. Included in this guidance is the ability to demonstrate CPD through a variety of learning methods.  

“Our unique program was developed as a way for IMG to not only provide specialty patient transfer training, but also to serve as a qualified course for revalidation,” Tothill said. “We understand the importance of offering standardized training that enhances our team’s knowledge, skills and performance.”

IMG’s flight team is part of the company’s European medical unit, which launched in December 2016. Led by Tothill and under the clinical leadership of Dr. Georgina Standen and Rachel Benbow, RN, the unit provides a range of medical services to the international insurance industry from IMG’s office in Redhill, UK.