GlobalSelect Additional Cover Information

Age Limits and Eligibility

Individuals and their dependents worldwide of all nationalities are eligible to apply for cover from 14 days of age up until the age of 74 Years. In the case of children under the age of 19 years, a parent or guardian is required to sign the application on their behalf.

Non-USA citizens may reside anywhere in the world including their home country. However, in respect of cover in the USA, certain eligibility restrictions may apply.

USA citizens must reside outside the USA on their effective date and arrange to reside outside the USA for at least six months during each period of insurance.

Please contact us for further details regarding age limits and eligibility, or refer to the GlobalSelect Policy Wording (available upon request) for full eligibility conditions and restrictions relating to cover within the USA.

Ability to Switch to GlobalSelect

If you are already insured with another medical insurance company, you may still apply to switch to GlobalSelect. We offer a range of switch options, including the ability for us to apply credit for your time insured elsewhere towards similar applicable GlobalSelect Wait Periods. Your switch to GlobalSelect is subject to terms and our acceptance, so please do not cancel or lapse any existing coverage until we have confirmed your coverage in writing. Contact your Broker or IMG Europe for further details, and a Switch Terms Application Form (available upon request).

Lifetime Cover

Lifetime medical cover may be available if you enroll in the GlobalSelect Plan before your 65th birthday and you maintain continuous cover up until age 75 - at which point you may become eligible to apply for continuing cover under one of our Senior Citizen Plans. Your GlobalSelect plan will automatically terminate at the policy renewal date following your 75th birthday.

Renewal of Cover

GlobalSelect is annually renewable and continues when renewed. Prior to the end of each 12 month period of insurance, you will receive a renewal form. You must continue to meet the eligibility requirements in order to renew. There are no medical questions at renewal, and your rate will be based upon your age and cover selection at the time of renewal.

New Business Discount & No & Low Claims Discounts

For new applicants that choose a Full Medical Underwriting Policy (as opposed to a Moratorium Underwriting Policy), as a welcome bonus to thank you for choosing GlobalSelect, your first year’s premiums will automatically include a New Business Discount.

Plus, for all individual and family policyholders, as long as your GlobalSelect plan remains claims free at each renewal, you will be eligible to receive a No Claims Discount off your renewal premium at that time. The use of your Annual Wellness and Health Check Cover (if applicable to your chosen sub-plan) will not affect your No Claims Discount status. And even if you do claim, as an added benefit we also include a range of Low Claims Renewal Discounts that may be available to you.

Automatic Renewal

For your convenience, if you pay by credit/debit card - we will notify you of your renewal premium in advance of your renewal date and automatically renew your Plan and charge your card just before renewal, thereby preventing any accidental break in cover at renewal - unless of course you are no longer eligible or we hear from you to the contrary before renewal.

30 Day Money Back 'No Hassle' Guarantee

Upon receiving your GlobalSelect policy documents, please make sure you read them carefully. If you think your GlobalSelect plan may not meet your needs, you may cancel it without having to pay a charge.

If you decide to cancel, simply return all your policy documentation to us within 30 days - and, as long as you have not already made a claim under the Plan, we will cancel it from inception and promptly give you a full refund of the premium paid - No Questions Asked.

Family Cover - Free Cover for One Child Under 10 Years

For families applying for the GlobalSelect plan, one child (aged between 14 days and under 10 years) is covered free for the first year of coverage when insured with a parent or guardian. On the first renewal date, the premium will be 50% off the published applicable rates. For subsequent renewals, the applicable premium will apply. Note: If you are applying for a Moratorium Underwriting Policy, the annual recurring Moratorium Underwriting Fee will apply for the 'free' or discounted child. All persons applying must be listed on the initial application form.

Value Added Services and Benefits Include:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Helpline - Helping you with medical emergencies and evacuations worldwide.
  • USA Medical Concierge Service - Helping you navigate the USA healthcare system to identify the highest quality, most cost-effective providers when seeking certain eligible treatments or services within the USA.
  • Medical Information Service - Giving you access to board-certified physicians, licensed psychologists, and pharmacists to assist you with any routine health related questions (GlobalSelect Standard and Executive sub-plan policyholders only).