GlobalSelect Underwriting and Exclusions

Information Regarding Choice of Underwriting

Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Your application for a GlobalSelect International Healthcare Cover Basic, Standard or Executive sub-plan (“Your Plan”) allows you a choice of either a Full Medical Underwriting Policy or Moratorium Underwriting Policy. This affects what coverage (if any) will be available for pre-existing medical conditions*.

Full Medical Underwriting Policy: With Full Medical Underwriting you must complete a full medical questionnaire. Upon review of your responses and any additional information we require from you or your physician, we decide whether we can accept you for cover and any limitations on your cover. We then confirm any medical conditions that are excluded. Where cover is in effect for 24 continuous months under the plan, you are provided with pre-existing condition cover up to the annual and lifetime limits of the plan for eligible fully disclosed and accepted pre-existing medical conditions as defined by the plan and subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy Wording (Refer to Schedule of Cover, Section D1a for Annual and Lifetime Limit). This benefit is payable even if you have received consultation or treatment for the condition(s) during the 24 month period. Where we specifically have excluded cover for a disclosed pre-existing condition and after 24 months of cover your condition has improved, you may request review of that exclusion. Non-disclosed pre-existing conditions will never be covered.

Note: If you apply for a Full Medical Underwriting Policy and are declined on medical grounds, you may re-apply for a Moratorium Underwriting Policy (acceptance is not guaranteed).

Moratorium Underwriting Policy: Moratorium Underwriting enables you to apply for your plan without completing a full health questionnaire. Instead, we apply blanket exclusions for any pre-existing medical conditions you have had. The 'moratorium' refers to the fact that if, after 24 months of continuous cover under your plan, you demonstrate two consecutive years without symptoms or treatment, consultation, advice (excluding routine check-ups), medication (including injections), or special diet for a pre-existing condition (or any related conditions), then should you need subsequent treatment for that condition, you will have cover for it subject to the plan’s terms and conditions (Refer to Schedule of Cover, Section D1b for Sum Insured). Under the Moratorium Underwriting option, many pre-existing medical conditions, where you need regular or periodic treatment, medication, or checkups, which existed prior to your purchase of your plan, may never be covered. This is because each symptom or treatment, consultation, advice (excluding routine check-ups), medication (including injections), or special diet for a pre-existing condition (or any related conditions) starts the moratorium again. Moratorium Underwriting is subject to an annual recurring, non-refundable administrative fee - payable each year along with your first premium payment. 

*See Policy Wording for definition of 'Pre-Existing Conditions' and a complete list of exclusions and other terms and conditions (available upon request). No cover exists for Pre-Existing medical Conditions under the GlobalSelect HeadStart sub-plan.

Other Exclusions and Limitations

As with all medical insurances, there are certain costs, expenses, conditions and claims which are not covered by GlobalSelect. Please refer to the Schedule of Cover and Excesses applicable to your chosen sub-plan which should be read in conjunction with the full Policy Wording (available upon request) in order to obtain a definition of pre-existing conditions and a complete list of terms, conditions and exclusions relevant to your chosen sub-plan.

Charges for the following illnesses, conditions and surgical procedures which exist, manifest themselves or are treated or have treatment recommended during the first 90 days of cover from the effective date are excluded from cover:

  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Haemorrhoids or haemorrhoidectomy
  • Any disorder of the reproductive system
  • Diverticulitis
  • Hysterectomy
  • Hernia
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Gall stones or kidney stones
  • Any condition of the breast
  • Any condition of the prostate

Please note charges for the above may be further limited or excluded under the pre-existing condition exclusion and/or the chronic condition limitation.