GlobalFusion International Medical Insurance

The Advantages of the Platinum Sub-Plan

The Platinum sub-plan is the complete international health care protection plan. It offers the highest sums insured, many additional features and coverages not available on the other sub-plans, access to a dedicated service team ready to assist you, and access to our exclusive Global Concierge and Assistance ServicesSM.

One Plan with Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits - In addition to the enhanced medical coverages, this sub-plan includes a dental plan with cover for Class I Diagnostic & Preventive Services, Class II Basic Services and Class III Major Services. It also includes a vision benefit that provides cover for exams and materials.

Maternity Cover - The Platinum sub-plan and its associated premium include an extensive maternity coverage package for female insureds - unlike the other sub-plans where coverage is an optional add-on at an additional premium.

Enhanced Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Coverage and Limits - If you have selected the Full Medical Underwriting option, this subplan provides significantly increased coverage for eligible declared and accepted Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, with cover being available up to the Full Policy Lifetime Limit Maximum, and without the usual initial 24 month continuous cover Wait Period requirement.

Remote Transportation Benefit - If once stabilised following treatment for a medical situation, you remain suffering from a serious medical condition that requires non-emergency treatment, or is undiagnosed, and only basic treatment is available at your first treatment facility, Remote Transportation, recommended by your Physician, will provide for eligible charges arising out of your transportation to the nearest qualified facility for further treatment.

Security and Political Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage - In the event your Home Country’s Government’s Local Embassy issues a mandatory evacuation order of the host country, IMG will pay for the most appropriate and economical means of transportation of any covered insured(s) to the nearest place of safety or to the insured’s Home Country or Country of Residence.

High School Sports Injury Benefit - Protection is available for your children (aged under 20 years) while participating in sanctioned, organised sports at the high school level or below.

Medical Information Service - The Platinum sub-plan offers you direct access to a medical information service which allows you to communicate with licensed physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dieticians and fitness trainers. They are available to assist you with routine health related questions 24 hours a day.

Global Concierge and Assistance Services - The Platinum sub-plan provides you with more than insurance protection - you also have exclusive access to a list of additional services handled by a dedicated service team available 24/7. Non-insured assistance services include:

  • Security Updates and Country Profiles online 24/7
  • Bag Tracking Service for Lost Checked-In Luggage
  • Pre-Trip Health & Safety Advisories
  • Embassy & Consulate Referral
  • Emergency Cash Transfer Assistance
  • Emergency Message Relay
  • Emergency Return Home Travel Arrangements
  • Legal Referrals
  • Lost Passport & Travel Documents Assistance
  • Dedicated Worldwide Customer Service Number and Claims Team
  • Prescription Drug Replacement Assistance
  • Drug Translation Service

The Platinum sub-plan provides the superior coverage package for the most discerning global consumer. It offers a unique blend of high levels of both coverage and personalised service that goes far beyond the coverage and services offered by routine international medical insurance plans.

This is a summary of the additional advantages and GlobalFusion Platinum sub-plan coverage enhancements. For further details, terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations and sums insured please refer to the Summary Schedule of Cover and Excesses and the Policy Wording (available upon request).